Cheltenham Festival 2021

By the end of the Cheltenham Festival 2021 it could feel like a long week. Winners. Losers. Hard luck stories. You watch the race replay 20 times and still hope the result is different!

Sometimes, you just need to lighten the mood and sit back and smile. That's why I love this promotion from Betway Racing as it just captured the fun of the Cheltenham Festival.

Richard Hoiles, horse racing commentator, asks Jesse Lingard and three West Ham United players about their equine expertise. It's a horse-racing themed games show where they have to draw a picture of a horse (very funny, if not crude), tell when Katie Walsh is lying (you have to watch to see), and assess the lads tipping prowess when reviewing previous Cheltenham Festival Finishes (putting my teeth back in). All in all, it's a humourous 3-minutes of entertainments. Betway have done themselves proud with this collaboration.

Whether the betting for the week will go to plan is anyone's business. But you are on the banker of the meeting with this game show with a difference.

Good luck.