How to Pick Horse Racing Bets with High Probability of Winning?

Horse racing games are one of the sporting events that most people wanted to witness. It is only the sports where horses are the superstars. Aside from that, a single horse racing tournament gets attended by more than ten entries, which makes the whole show more exciting and interesting to watch out for.

In line with this, a lot of horse racing games are set to commence in the first quarter of 2020, such as the U.S. Triple Crown Series and the Gold Cup. These horse racing events will feature the finest thoroughbreds who will vie for a million-dollar purse prize. Also, you will see a lot of sports bettors wagering for this type of sports as the prizes are also massive.

While it's a fun thing to bet on horse racing game, picking the right bet with high chances of winning requires a lot of work. Remember that betting costs a lot of money, and your goal is to win, or at least top up the money you used for betting.

That said, let us give you the most realistic ways on how to pick the best horse racer to be part of your odds for the Kentucky Derby and some other notable horse racing shows.

Check the Overall Form of the Horse

Every horse racer undergoes specific training courses depending on the guidelines set by their trainers and jockeys. In this way, the overall form of the horse is the fundamental consideration of every bettor to wager for them.

Also, the form of the horse racer is determined based on several factors, such as the previous racing games they undertake. Moreover, the distance of the races, their former competitors, the weather condition, and the type of track they saddled up are also factors that help in formulating the overall outlook of the horse.

Check the Stamina and Fitness

Every horse racer is capable of winning a horse racing show if it carries perfect stamina and the right fitness. Obviously, every bettor will gamble for a colt that looks great and is fit to run in any kind of race track.

Moreover, horse racers should not suffer any health issues during the racing game. It will affect the racer's overall performance, even if it has the best racing records in the past.

Evaluate the Jockey's Form

No matter how strong the horse racer looks like, he cannot win the competition without the right command from the jockey.

Do know that the jockey has its own ways of controlling the horse racer inside the field. As a bettor, you must also consider the background of each jockey so you can pick the best entry to bet.

Consider the Class and Type of the Race

The U.S. Triple Crown Series and the Gold Cup are horse racing games that take place in a dirt track. In this case, you can pick a deserving bet by considering the records of each horse racer who has done great in dirt tracks before running to this kind of race.

There are also racing games that happen in many classes like Turf, Sprint, etc. and you must understand these type of racing classes to select which thoroughbred to bet.

Check the Speed and Pacing Skills of the Horse Racer

Horse racing is a race of the fastest horse racer inside the field. Obviously, the racer who finishes the race first will be the winner. It is crucial that you check from time to time the racing record of your said bets and assess their rates in their previous competitions they took part in.

It is the only way to make sure that you are wagering for a possible winner and end up winning the betting games. No matter what the circumstances are, the speed of the horse racer is an essential factor you must check before betting.

Evaluate the Trainer's Overall Skill

Aside from the jockey, the trainer plays a significant role in honing the skills of each horse racer. They are the ones who develop the way how the colt saddles inside the field. Trainers also have specific techniques on how to improve the speed of each horse racer. Thus, check the profile of the trainer of the thoroughbred you’re eyeing to bet.

Many legendary horse race trainers had produced big winners in many horse racing shows like Bob Baffert, Richard Mandella, and Jason Servis.


Undeniably, the horse racing games in line this year excites every fan and bettor as it offers massive wagering games that can practically grow everyone's bankroll. Also, the festivity it provides to every fan can surely help relieve your stress way of you took part in the said event.

Therefore, if you are one of the bettors who would like to wager for upcoming horse racing shows like the Gold Cup and the U.S. Triple Crown Series, applying the practical ways on how to analyze a rightful bet listed above will surely help you bring home the bacon.