Good Or Bad Omen

Gamblers are a strange breed. Many are hell bent on understanding how to beat the bookies with something akin to a scientific method. They have a quantitative fixation on numbers. They understand the chance of a horse, greyhound, man or beast of winning any given race. 

Perhaps you are the same.  

It's a good idea to be professional about gambling. It shouldn't be something you do for fun. I know lots of people bet for entertainment. However, it can be a slippery slope to losing not only your shirt but your life.  

So it's a strange factor that even though many gamblers are superstitious. Now, you may have just seen a black cat walk past as you are reading this sentence. I wonder if it sent to a chill down the spine.  

It's funny how many things people do as an act to prevent the disastrous affects of what might happen if you don't do A B C...  

It's like OCD went wrong.  

I think, to some extent, I am superstitious. I almost hate to say it because it feels like a weakness. I guess we all have our ways. Perhaps you are the same. Do you have a particular superstition which makes you feel like your bet is a bad thing?  

Did you just see that magpie fly past?  

For me, when I bet on a horse, even if very confident, I don't like to say ''I fancy the f**k'' out of this thing. I try to play it down. ''Yeah, it's got a chance but I'm not blowing a trumpet''. I'm sure you can understand what I'm saying.  

It's the same for a horse in opposition. Even if the opponent is some rag of an outsider. I really try not to say it can't win or that horse is as slow as a donkey. Basically, I don't like to tempt fate. So that is another superstition.  

Does it sound like I have a problem?  

Here are a few common gambling superstitions which you may do yourself:  

1) The number 13 is considered a bad omen  

2) Never count your money at the table  

3) Never put your keys on the table  

4) It's good luck if you see a hunchback, on your way to go gambling  

5) It's bad luck if you are a hunchback, on your way to go gambling  

6) No sex before gambling  

7) Always bet on the red  

8) Avoid using the main entrance at the casino when you leave  

9) No dogs allowed near the table  

10) Personally, say thank you to the Lord when you win