Harry Findlay A Bet Too Far

I guess over the years we have seen and heard about many professional gamblers. To be honest, I'm not sure if many of these public pro gamblers are really as true as they would like us to believe. 

Who really knows what people do or don't?  

Harry Findlay has been in the public eye for his gambling exploits for decades. Clearly, he is a man who knows his subject although I have always thought of him as a loud-mouth type who kind of gets his point across by not allowing the others to get a word in edgeways.  

Perhaps that is doing him a disservice. You can only take people as you find them and I'm sure if we had a conversation I would have a different perspective. It may be better or worse.

My good friend Eric Winner always says I'm not very good with people. I like a certain type of person. I'm not keen on loud people who are too much into themselves. I'm not saying that is Mr Findlay. Like I say, I have never met him. He isn't a shrinking violet or a wallflower.  

I read about him losing most of his gambling winnings on a rugby match. I read a few chapters of his book: Gambling for Life.  

I consider myself a decent gambler. I have made money gambling for many years. But what I couldn't understand is the fact that Harry bet just about all his money (£1.9M) on the outcome of a rugby match. It could have been football, horse racing, roulette whatever. The point being, why on earth would anyone risk just about all of their money on one bet? Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems the worst idea any punter could have.  

When you have achieved the goal of making a fortune from gambling it would seem a good time to me to take less risk. 

Each to their own.  

In my opinion, such a lack of discipline is guaranteed to be hit with disaster whether sooner or later.  

I hate to see the bookmakers take anyone's money. The man had taken their money for years if not via a journey which would have seen most punters go grey overnight.  

For the sake of him and his family, I hope he finds that winning streak which sees the good times come back.  

Good luck.