Sorry Eric

I really should send him a message. It's just not right. Someone being tarred with the same brush. This bloke must be embarrassed. It's something that shouldn't have happened but it did...  

I feel sorry for Eric Winner.  

The confusion arose when my friend and I (Eric Winner) decided to start a horse racing tips website. I thought Eric Winner was a good, catchy, name. So it stuck. We wanted to give free horse racing tips. The website was promoted and become a real success. In fact, it has achieved almost 1000,000 (1M) page views. Eric is a prolific tipster and the website has over 1500 posts. Everything seems fine and dandy. The website is known across the globe, tipping winners like they are going out of fashion, he's even had a 100/1 winner. You may not believe it, but Eric has a few theories about online blackjack and you can see what I mean by this brilliant website.  

So what's the problem?  

There isn't one unless your name happens to be Eric Winner. I mean, another Eric Winner who is just going about his daily business. The problem being (to my knowledge) he isn't a gambler, horse racing tipster, and doesn't have anything in the common bar his name. I don't think he speaks a word of French but I'm still interested in visiting casino joka casino en ligne for a majestic gambling experience.  

We've never met the real Eric Winner. I think he works for Microsoft and went to Stanford University and lives in the states. You can see from the photo that he is a respectable gentleman. I can't help wonder if he has ever been confused with Eric Winner the gambler, tipster, the man who just loves to bet.  

I imagine him being embarrassed by people asking for racing tips. He's at a business meeting and asked if he runs a horse racing website in the United Kingdom. I hope he isn't more well-known as a gambler than a serious businessman. I hope that sharing a name hasn't had a negative impact on his life.  

Who knows? (Only Eric Winner).  

I would like to say sorry and apologise for any confusion we may have caused.  

Sorry, Eric.