Granny Gambler

Does your gran like to gamble?  

I guess the blue rinse brigade loves a flutter. A dab with their dabber at the local bingo hall. I wonder if your gran has gone online? I guess a little bet is no bad thing. However, have you ever been worried about how much money a loved one is gambling?  

Each to their own. I bet and it isn't a problem because I have a very disciplined approach. In fact, I don't bet for fun. Betting in such a manner details that the individual doesn't care if they lose. That, to me, is insane. Bet to invest - not to lose.  

Please, don't bet for fun.  

One TV program which brought the true horror of gambling to the forefront was Louis Theroux's Gambling in Las Vegas. It was an episode that didn't really detail any positives. In fact, the majority of people lost their shirts. 

Some bloke from Canada – known as The Mattress Man – came to bet for a week or two and annually lost $200,000. A brainless display of stupidity if I have ever seen it. Playing two slot machines at once as it if gave double the chance of winning. He had his own VIP room (which didn't cost a dollar) and this leech-like person who followed him around portraying the role of a friend of the casino but clearly someone who was on a commission for every cent he lost. If that's what you call a friend I'd look elsewhere.  

Another gambler started off winning. Then, every time he appeared on TV his fortunes dwindled to a point of being minus and losing tens of thousands of dollars - looking more suicidal with every passing minute. His mate didn't help the issue by singing Kenny Rogers Gambler's song trying to make him see the lighter side of being homeless (which is where he was heading).  

If that doesn't seem bad enough, the gambler granny (''Martha'') was enough to make the calmest person's blood boil. The seemingly educated doctor must have lost her marbles with age because every day she would play the slots. The casino realising she was a dream come true, pandered to her every whim because over the years she had lost millions of dollars. I'm not sure if she has some mental health problem or oldtimers was setting in but she wouldn't see anything as a problem and even seemed to taunt her son saying he wouldn't have any inheritance left by the time she had finished.  

What selfish witch.  

I think gambling is bad news for most people at the best of time. But granny gamblers really need to take a chill pill and give betting a miss.