Mug Punter

I met this bloke in the local bookers. He said his name was Isaac Hunt. A friendly character, personable, interesting and generous.  

An all round good egg.  

So what's the problem? He's one of the millions of mug punters who never realise the amount of time they invest into their passion for horse racing and betting means they have next to no chance of winning long term. You may improve your odds if you visit real money online slots for a true casino experience.  

It doesn't have to be that way.  

Unless you find a magic lamp with a genie inside, the chances are you're not going to make a success of anything without a lot of hard work. I know you see all these get rich schemes on the internet promising you a life of luxury. Travel the globe earning this ''magical passive income''. To all but the lucky or exceptionally gifted, it's simply a ploy to make money off the back of your hopes and dreams. They'll smoke your boots like it's a John Player Special. What a bunch of hustling freaks. You may need a bit of respite after reading this post by visiting mobile casinos australia for a few moments joy.  

No marketeer is going to tell you the truth. 

I've noticed something about most mug punters. I hate the term myself and I wouldn't be so brazen or bold to call it to someone's face. 

The life of the general punter saddens my heart. It's like talking to an alien from a different planet, except they aren't as intelligent.

Most people who bet never seem to learn anything to help improve their success from placing that first (mistaken) bet. There isn't any reason they shouldn't learn because basic trial and error (which is the same as winning and losing) should detail some thought, logic and reason for the creation of new hypothesis. 

Test. Analyse. Asses.

Move forward with a new idea. Next time the result could be in your favour.  

When you consider how much money anyone can lose gambling over a lifetime it is something we should take very seriously. That's both the reason to learn and the reason not to waste money.  

I hate the idea of fun bets. I don't even understand what kind of definition would be attached to a ''fun bet''. It can't be a definition of a winner, hey. It must be 80% loser attached to 20% hope. We all need hope. We all need a bit of luck at times. What we don't need is pure ignorance or denial of the facts. 

If you keep losing – stop betting.  

It is surprisingly easy to improve your chances of winning.  

Find a niche. Enjoy what you are doing. Watch and learn. The day will come when you realise you know more than most. That is my definition of a winner. It isn't about being the best in the world. Even the best performers have struggled to achieve that goal when the world and his wife knows they are the greatest. It is as simple (or difficult) as knowing a little bit more than most. 

That is your edge. 

In a world where most people are too lazy to bother, they truly get what they don't put in.  

When you work hard for your pounds, shilling and pence why give them away so easily on the hope you will get lucky. 

Unless you win the lottery, get a five-horse accumulator or find that genie's lamp the chance of you striking gold is remote. I won't say it can't happen because it does to some lucky soul every day. But wouldn't you rather base your life chances (opportunities) on skill? When that day comes, you can eye up the opposition and smile to yourself with the thought of knowing you are odds-on to win.